Tuesday, October 20, 2009

am i wrong to be THIS pissed off?

Every third Tuesday I have a 6:30pm appointment with J to have my eyebrows waxed. It's a long-standing appointment that I have booked until the middle of 2010.

(Don't judge me. I'm not as high-maintenance as I sound.)

Tonight I show up for my appointment, only to practically wake the receptionist up.

She took one look at me and I knew I was in trouble.

KK: "Hi, I'm KK. I have a 6:30 appointment with J."


Nothing good ever comes after "uh oh".

RECEPTIONIST: "J's not here. Didn't she call you? She said she left you a message. It was really slow today so she went home. She said she'd accommodate your reschedule."

Well, isn't THAT nice of her.

Let me premise this by saying I didn't have a great end-of-day at work. So I was already on edge a bit, and a tad upset.

Now, that being said, WTF?

RECEPTIONIST: "Didn't you get her message?"

Um, obviously not if I'm standing here, keeping you awake.

KK: "The last message I got was less than 24 hours ago when you called confirming my appointment. She must've left it on my home phone. But since I was at work all day – and came straight here – I wouldn't have gotten that message."

RECEPTIONIST: "I'm really sorry. When would you like to reschedule for? She'll see you any time."

Well, that's really nice of her to 'see me any time'. The time I'd prefer for her to see me is when I have a freaking appointment!

I live an hour for work, so to make a 6:30 appointment, I have to leave work early at 5:30pm (even though that's technically the end of the day, it's still early at my place). Not only that, but I canceled a client meeting to be here. Not to mention the fact that if I ever canceled the day of an appointment and didn't give 24 hours notice, I'd be charged. Because of the inconvenience.

What about MY inconvenience??? Is MY time not as valuable as hers?

KK: (loud, annoyed sigh) "I'll come Saturday morning. What time does she have?"

RECEPTIONIST: "Anytime you want! She's off tomorrow but is here Thursday..."

KK: "Listen. I work an hour away from here. I come straight here from my desk, which is why I didn't get her message today. I have to rearrange my schedule to be here, which is what I did today. I'm not going to do that again this week. Saturday morning. Please."

I mean, I have every right to be mad, right? I get that business is slow during some days, but you can't just go home! You have appointments – MINE! I'm a paying client!

Do I say something when I go on Saturday??? I'm sure she'll apologize. But do I have to be careful what I say to someone who is taking hot wax to my face???


Little Ms Blogger said...

Try Pam at Dream Spa...

I'd be pissed off. I've had many terrible experiences with one particular spa so I can feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

I'm in this business, and I wouldn't ever leave the salon without making sure my client was notified and willing to reschedule (unless I was ill or something of that nature). I know that it is annoying to sit around at work if you're not booked (because you are at work and not being paid), but you can't just not stay for an appointment. If this spa has such a strict cancellation policy I would probably say something. You should be given the same respect that they demand. Having said that, if she is the best brow artist you've ever had and won't be easily replaced, you may want to hold your tongue. We can refuse service to anyone, at any time. I've had clients that have pissed me off before, and I've fired them (not saying that you would deserve that here). You will have to decide what to do based on her temperament, and your willingness to go elsewhere if things turn bad. Good luck!

The Sorority said...

KK - I would totally say something about the utter inconvenience. Also, make sure she has your cell or work number so that she can't do this again to you. I feel your pain - this has happened to me and I am always pissed! But what can you do - your eyebrows are the frame for your face and a good waxer is essential. This I also have learned from a bad experience!

FunnyGal KAT said...

I agree that you should definitely say something, but you can frame it as, "I want to make sure you have my cell phone number since our wires got crossed this week and I came all the way out here after you had left." And then you should demand that she give you a free wax since she didn't give you 24 hours notice to cancel (I'm sort of kidding about that last part-- although you could say it jokingly and see if she does it)

Lori said...

How about something a little indirect like, "If, in the future, you have to cancel my appointment at the last minute, you need to use my work (or cell) number... because I did not get your message." Then let her apologize - preferably profusely - then drop in the bit about the complimentary wax!

Miss Rosa said...

She "should" just offer the wax job for free next time, but then again, she "should" have stayed and waited for you if she didn't get a hold of you to cancel ... I'd see what happens next time, and if she doesn't make it up to you, start shopping for a new salon. Speaking of eyebrow waxes, it's time for me to go get one too ...

merelyme said...

I definitely think we need to see before and after pictures on this one! ;)