Monday, October 12, 2009

chore whorin'

This past Saturday was the first weekend day I had in a LOOONG time that we didn't have any plans. So, that meant a full day of chores and errands! (insert crowd cheering here)

First on my list was to get myself and Mr. KK some sort of Halloween costume. I had landing on the two of us being Popeye and Olive Oyl, thought that would be cute and rather non-invasive. The pieces were on my list of thing to get on Saturday. Easy, right?

Famous last words.

My Saturday looked something like this:

Pick up Mr. KK's dry cleaning.

The shoemaker.

Dropped off my favorite boots to the shoemaker so they could (once again!) put new heel covers on them. This helps prevent me from making little round dents in our hardwood floors, thus preventing Mr. KK from frowning at me.

SHOE MAKER: "They'll be ready Thursday."
KK: "Okay. Please be careful with them. They're my favorites."
SHOE MAKER: "They'll be good as new and ready for another 10,000 miles."

I hope so.

Make deposit at bank.

I was feeling lazy so I used the drive up teller. I have as much success at the drive-up teller than I do at the drive-up ATM. Meaning, I have to put the car in park, undo my seatbelt, and lean halfway out the window to reach the damn thing. Pretty much defeats the purpose of staying in the car.


Could there be a worse place on earth?

This visit was two-fold. First, I dropped off a bag of Mr. KK's clothes to the super-nice (not) people who work in the back. (I thought I hated MY job? These people put me to shame).

Then, I perused the racks in search of costume parts. The plan was to find blue pants and a black shirt for Mr. KK, and glue on yellow felt buttons and sew on a red collar. For me, I was going to wear a long black skirt, sew a white scalloped collar on a red top.

After a few minutes of searching (and feeling dirty and itchy) I gave up.

Number of costumer parts bought: 0


I told myself I was looking for costume parts, but what I really wanted to do was check out a pair of black riding boots I had seen online.

One pair of boots, one winter coat, one dress and one top later, I was out the door.

Number of costume parts bought: 0


I needed to get some picture frames so we could hang some stuff around out house. I'm tired of all the bare walls, and it looking like we have no family or friends to hang pictures of.

Holy cow, how the hell did I just spend $72 on frames???

Number of costume parts bought: 0

Party City

Back on the costume hunt. I see they have pre-made Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes, but it hardly seems worth it to spend $80 on ill-fitting costumes. I'm going to make my own, dammit! I search the accessories area. At least I can get Mr. KK's sailor hat and pipe.

Would you believe that the only hat they're sold out of if the sailor hat??? Is EVERYONE being Popeye (or Gilligan) this year? WTF?

I decide to ask the (underqualified) workers for help.

KK: "Hi. You seem to be out of sailor hats out here. Do you have any more in the back?"
WORKER: "Sale hats?"
KK: "Sailor hats."
WORKER: "Jail hats?"
KK: "SAILOR hats!"
WORKER: "I'll come look out there." (annoyed that I'm yelling. But, really? Come on.)

Apparently her eyes are better than mine, because I've searched the entire area.

She comes out and starts looking through all the hats. She picks up a camouflaged dessert hat.

WORKER: "This is all we have."
KK: "That's an army hat." (Um, hello?)

She picks up another hat.

WORKER: "Here it is."
KK: "That's a skipper hat."

WORKER: "How about this one?"
KK: "That's a captain's hat."

Are we going to be here all day playing this game? There are LOTS of hats.

WORKER: "I guess we're out."

Really? Thanks.

Number of costume parts bought: 1 – corn cob pipe. (So now Mr. KK can either be Popeye or Frosty the Snowman)

TJ Maxx

Maybe a pair of blue pants for Mr. KK? Black skirt for me?

Number of costume parts bought: 0

Old Navy

How could Old Navy NOT have a black T-shirt or polo shirt for Mr. KK. Oh, they do! And they're all smalls! Awesome!

Number of costume parts bought: 0

I'm tired and cranky at this point. And starving. I call Mr. KK.

KK: "I'm not having any luck."
MR. KK: "You sound weird."
KK: "I'm frustrated. And hungry." And when I'm hungry, I get mean. (Loveable, but mean)
MR. KK: "Oh, I could tell."
KK: "I'm stopping in one more place then I'm bringing lunch home for us."

Joann Fabrics

Even if I don't have the clothing, I could get the stuff I need to sew onto it, right?

I stare at all of the lace, collars and felt. It will take me forever to sew this shit on.

I purchase a wig and long black gloves.

New direction: we're going to be a flapper and gangster.

Now where can I find a zoot suit???


Little Ms Blogger said...

I bet you Goodwill would have one....Sorry, couldn't resist.

FunnyGal KAT said...

I bet you'll be the only flapper at the party with a corn cobbed pipe! Well, it sounds like a frustrating day, but still better than staying home and cleaning, right?

Karen said...

I know it really must be all in our subconscious, but seriously, Goodwill always makes me itch like I'm 4 again and have chicken-pox.

Ah, and I too, get loveable, yet cranky while hungry. I'm sure my husband would smirk at 'lovable' but whatever.

Good luck with your costumes...I haven't even started thinking yet. *sigh*

tracey said...

Why don't you hit the Garment District when you're up here this weekend? And I won't even make you go in the section that has the great monk costumes.

Muffy Willowbrook said...


Tasha said...

I love the "idea" of shopping at thrift stores but always seem to run out of them within the first 5 minutes while slathering hand sanitizer. You guys will be so cute as the roaring 20's couple! Do you have a long cigarette holder like Breakfast at Tiffany's?