Sunday, October 25, 2009

top 10 things i learned in battle creek, michigan

10. Porn is a way of life. There's an adult "spa" every 2 miles. And, BONUS! Parking for semi trucks!

9. Their "best" pizza is the "worst" I've ever had. Boo! Deep dish pizza!

8. The Fairfield Inn IS the best hotel around. I had doubts. They've been laid to rest.

7. Soda is called "pop".

6. Places of business don't stay open on a Sunday. Well, places we need, at least.

5. People say "hi". And they mean it.

4. Interstate 94 is one LOOOOOONG highway.

3. 8 continous hours in a conference room with coworkers can make you go batty. (Don't think I needed Battle Creek for this one...)

2. Everything moves more slowly in the midwest. Our "quick" lunch in an empty Bennigan's took an hour and a half.

1. the speed limit is 70! So that means that you can go at least 80 (legally), right???


The Sorority said...

Good lord - Battle Creek!?! Does your job hate you? KK - get out of there as fast as you can!

Although, I have to say that I snorted out loud when I read your post. :)

Lori said...

The first time I went to Michigan, I discovered many roadside restaurants advertising "pasties." (Maybe this is mostly northern and UP Michigan) NO IDEA what they were. I was thinking pasties like strippers wear. (Yes, that's where my mind goes.) But it's pronounced "PAW-stee" and is a meat/veggie pie. Hmm.

Andy said...

I call soda "pop." That's right. I'm proud of it.

Interesting about the porn. I never knew spas could be so... slutty.

Tasha said...

I'm scared of Battle Creek Michigan after reading this. Glad you survived your travels!

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