Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quarter for your thoughts

This morning I was up WAY too early at the train station to head into NYC for a client meeting.

As usual, I had padded my time so much because I was paranoid I would be late, that I was sitting in the station - car parked, tickets and tea purcased - 25 minutes before my scheduled train.

I was half reading "In Touch" (ugh, as if regular Kendra wasn't bad enough, now we have pregnant Kendra!) and half people watching when a woman walked by and dropped a quarter while digging in her bag for coffee money. She ignored the dropped coin (as I would have done) and kept on walking.

Once she was safely inside Dunkin' Donuts, the man on the bench next to me ran over to the quarter and snatched it up off the filthy floor, like it was a $100 bill.

It was such a sobering sight.

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1 comment:

Lori said...

While the quarter thing is sad and disturbing, the REALLY disturbing thing is that Kendra is reproducing. Our collective gene pool is going to drop by 30 IQ points.

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