Monday, October 19, 2009

it's an award! for little old moi!

I am the happy recipient of the "Sugar Doll" award, thanks to Little Ms Blogger! If you don't know her blog, check it out. She's warm and witty, and she's my inspiration to keep on blogging so I can one day have as many loyal followers as she does!

The rules for the Sugar Doll Award are that I must list 10 interesting things about myself.

This is probably going to resemble all of those times I think I'm REALLY REALLY funny, but Mr. KK or my friends just give me that weird "I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about" face. Or the courtesy laugh.

Nothing worse than the courtesy laugh.

So here goes...

1. Vito is my first real pet. Before him, when I was 8 years old, my grandmother brought me a dog that we had for 3 weeks. In that time, he managed to chew through our basement sheet rock, eat my mother's drapes and pee a river in the kitchen every night.

2. I have a scary good memory. There are times when someone will ask me something, and even though I know the answer - down to every detail of the conversation, what the weather was like, and even what I was wearing - I'll say I don't know, just so I don't scare them and come off as some creepy stalker.

3. Even though I seem like I'm all talk, deep down I KNOW I will write a novel someday.

4. I talk to myself all the time. I have entire conversations while I'm driving. I talk both sides of an argument, and I often win.

5. If I could keep only one pair of shoes, it would be my broken-in Michael Kors silver gladiator sandals from 2 summers ago.

6. Some people are slightly intimidated/afraid of me at work. And I like it.

7. Bad grammar and spelling make me twitch.

8. My favorite condiment is sour cream. It's SO versatile. (And I've been known to lick the spoon.)

9. When in a restaurant, I usually order what I think I should order, not what I really want to order. Then I make Mr. KK get what I really wanted so I can eat it vicariously through him.

10. I don't think Brad Pitt is hot. There. I said it.

Welcome to the crazy world of kk!

Thanks, LMB!


FunnyGal KAT said...

I don't care what kinds of looks your friends give you-- you're funny! I love number 4. "And I often win." Ha!

GlitterFactory said...

you will write a novel!
and I can't wait to read it!

Little Ms Blogger said...

OMG I cracked up about the sour cream -- it is awesome!!

You have many loyal followers AND will have hoards of fans when you write the best seller.

Hey, did you know Jane Green signed books at the B&N right next to Marshall's Shoe (yeah, I read Tuesday's post)....Now, when you become a published author, we know you choose there to sign so you can shoe shop afterwards.

kk said...

I wish I knew Jane Green was there! It's right down the street! I totally stalk her...I'm even her friend on Facebook. My next stop is the Westport library where she writes!