Thursday, October 8, 2009

KK's fall favorites

It's finally Fall!

I think I love living in Connecticut so much because autumn is such an awesome time of year – you can see it on the changing trees and smell it in the morning air. And best of all? You get a whole new closet full of clothes to stand in front of every morning, deciding what to wear!

(Hey, who doesn't do that???)

Here are some of my faves:

The military jacket. It's awesome in any color (charcoal and navy are cool too!), and is so versatile, you could wear it every day. Looks perfect with jeans and flats, and adds an edge over a silk dress.

The sweater coat. Now, the sweater coat comes back EVERY year, and they call it different things (I distinctly remember the year they called it a "duster"). This year, it's the cardi-coat (which I don't love). But the best part is they are adorned with fun details, like toggles. Am loving this cable-knit number, which will look fantastic over leggings.

There couldn't be a more comfortable shirt than the peasant top. And they come in all these beautiful prints, in rich jewel tones. They just scream jeans and heels.

These boots were made for buyin'. Oh, how I love these cowgirl boots. They go with EVERYTHING – jeans, cords and dresses. These are the Frye Carson pull on – and they're soon to be mine!

Tissue tees. They're everywhere, and can go under everything. Wear it under a blazer with jeans, layered under a sweater, or paired with a feminine skirt. J. Crew has a ton of them, in great colors and designs.

A girl can never have too many boots! I'll also be stocking my closet with the classic riding boot. Flat, with buckle detail, this is the perfect boot into which you can tuck your jeans or leggings.

I've been into messenger bags lately, mainly because they make shopping so much easier. You don't have to deal with handbag straps falling off your shoulder or weighing you down. You've got all your goods with you, but two free hands to grab stuff off the racks. Perfect!

Can't forget those nails! Fall means moving away from bright and citrus shades, and into deep and dark colors. A love this neutral from OPI – You Don't Know Jacques! It goes with everything. It takes a day to get used to on your hands, but is the perfect grey/taupe for the fall months.

(I also would love the job of the person who gets to name nail polishes and lip glosses.)


irrefutably erin. said...

I love this post! I never thought about fall from that perspective... that we get a whole new wardrobe... it's like we went shopping but it's stuff you already had!

Can't forget the very cute scarf as a necessity for this fall/winter. I love the sweater/cardigan/thing too!

Jules said...

I need a personal shopper, I believe, and you would be perfect. Any chance you freelance that skill in the Midwest ever??

Have a great weekend!

Tipsy Nikki said...

I LUV autumn. My wedding expenses has delayed my shopping but I can't wait to update my wardrobe. That military coat is so awesome!

Little Ms Blogger said...

The tissue ts and boots are great!

I've left you a little something

I hope you do NaNo next month - might be just what you need to break out with the killer book.