Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In case you needed proof

Of how crazy my life has been and how I have been too busy to post regularly, I present to you this photo.

It was taken today (october 27) of my desk calendar.

(My pretty shoe calendar says it's October 2.)


And yes, that's a giant Twix bar in the background.

Don't judge me.
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Tasha said...

KK, you're way too busy if you can't even look at the pretty shoes on your calendar!

Anonymous said...

Please change it, because that shoe is not so pretty. That can't be good for your mood. Maybe something fabulous will be next, like a Christian Louboutin heel or a Tory Burch flat, in your shoe calender and in your life.

Swishy said...

At least it has a 2 in it ... you're kinda close :)