Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, not really.

More like, sitting at my desk minding my own business not being able to concentrate because everybody talks so frickin' loudly.

Excerpts from today's conversations include:

"How's your uterus?"
"Oh, it's full term. It's R-E-A-D-Y."

"Is it the hormones?"
"Totally. One minute I want sex, the next I want to cry, and the next I want to kill my husband. I guess I shouldn't say that last one so loudly."

"Are you still breastfeeding?"
"I'm trying. It's hard being at work full-time."
"When do you want to stop? When she's a year?"
"That's the plan. We'll see how my boobs are doing."

What happened to talking about what you're having for lunch? Or what your weekend plans were? I don't need to hear about your bedroom fantasies and nipple pads.

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