Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little story about The Girls

It happened in the grocery store, in the aisle with the canned beans.

Mr. KK was checking off the list when I suddenly started twisting my torso like a contortionist, and flailing my left arm against my side.

MR. KK: "What are you doing?"

KK: "OHMYGOD! My left tit is SO itchy! All of a sudden!"

Instead doing his husbandly duties of creating a nice shield from the other crazy shoppers who are up at this ungodly hour on a Sunday, Mr. KK simply stands there, staring at me.

MR. KK: "You look ridiculous."

KK: "Oh, really? I'm sorry. It's just that I want to RIP OFF my boob because it's SO FREAKIN' ITCHY."

It's about 8 degrees out, so I'm wearing about 27 layers of clothing, making it nearly impossible to get a good scratch. Even if I unzip my parka and sneak a hand inside, I still have a scarf, zipped up track jacket, long-sleeved t-shirt and a bra to get through.

In the frozen foods aisle, Mr. KK leans over and gives my left boob a squeeze. (We can do that kind of stuff because we're married. It's weird when strangers do that to you.)

MR. KK: "How's it doing?"

KK: "It was fine until you started the sensation again."


love in other words said...

holy jeez - that made me laugh so loud that the SO actually got up from his desk to see what on earth i was doing

Miss Rosa said...

My boob started itching when I read this.

Michelle said...

Agreed. Now people all over America are scratching themselves inappropriately. Well done.

kk said...



Little Ms Blogger said...

Mr. KK should have done the squeeze in the melon section and told you he was just checking to see if the melons were fresh.

.... I know. Bad....

....okay, couldn't resist.

Merely Me said...

Have totally been there.
TFF that you blogged it. Too funny.

Tasha said...

Too funny! I hate it when that happens! I cracked up when he reached over and checked things out for himself! Men...

TechnoBabe said...

Yeah, what is it with the itchy boob anyway? Very good post. Put a big smile on my face. And hubby liked the demonstration I put on for him telling him about your post.