Tuesday, January 19, 2010

jean therapy

I need some.

Because my most favoritest, perfect-fitting, look-awesome-with-anything jeans are on their last leg.

No pun intended.

I found them on a trip to Boston, in my favorite Marshall's on Boylston Street, stuffed in the jeans rack. They're not a popular brand name of jeans, like Seven or True Religion or Joe's. It's like they were made special for ME.

They are starting to thin and become worn, and I fear one day I'll be strutting my stuff down the sidewalk and the ass of my beloveds will tear. Or I'll bend down to pet Vito and the seam in my crotch will split.

In any imaginary scenario, I'm left with rips/holes/tears in my favorite jeans, and my Hanky Pankies hanging out.

I'm a short, curvy kind of girl in desperate need of new jeans.

Help! Who makes your "make me feel sexy" jeans?


Little Ms Blogger said...

Stupid question (because I bet you did this) -- did you search the Internet for them?

'Nelley said...

Forget them. Out with old and in with the new. Set aside one day and shop, shop, shop for new ones.
However, I will say that the Gap's curvy jeans are faves amongst my curvier and shorter friends.
My new fave jeans are Banana Republic's but I got mine on sale and regular price is a little steep (over $100)
But this is good news, an excuse to go shopping!
Yay for you! :)

NurseExec said...

Don't laugh, but the best jeans I've found in forever, came on a trip to Talbot's (I know!) that I made with my Mom. They're not too "mommy", but not too low-rise (no muffin top for me, thanks), fit my butt just right, have a bit of stretch, are the perfect dark blue that I wanted, and hug every curve in exactly the right place. I wish I'd bough two more pairs when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Well I've heard that Joe's Honey jeans are great for curvy women. Joe's Provocateur,I believe, is the same fit for a shorter woman. Also Hudson jeans have a tailored waist that should do well on curves. They run small so size up. You can always buy jeans to fit you in the legs and butt and have the waist taken in.