Saturday, January 23, 2010

grab your aqua net and drakkar noir

How could I have missed the disaster otherwise known as "The Jersey Shore"?????

I mean, I knew it was a show on MTV, but how did I miss how RIDICULOUS the characters were???? (And yes, I mean characters, like as in "scripted TV"...there's no reality here)

I caught a glimpse of a few of them on Chelsea Handler last night; they must be doing the circuit. First of all, what is UP with that Snooki's hair??? Is she single-handedly trying to bring back the Princess Leia? Then there was Mike – aka: The Situation (The Situation? Really? Is there a nickname any lamer?) and DJ Pauly D (a nice Italian boy from...Rhode Island).

They were talking about their night out in LA, where they ran into Leonardo DiCaprio in the VIP section, who quoted their stupid catchphrase to them ("GTL, baby!" Which, as I found out last night, means "Gym, tanning, laundry", which is pretty much what these muscle-headed greasy idiots do all day long, besides shop for hair gel and tank tops from the Boys Department).

Maybe I should try out for the next season?

What do you think?


Peterson Family said...

I have not watched that show yet. And I don't think I can...unless of course, YOU end up on it.Then I would have to watch!!

'Nelley said...

lol! I absolutely LOVE that show. In my defense, I was recovering from a night out in Vegas on Thursday and they played the marathon on MTV that day so I watched 5 or 6 episodes in a row, wowza.
The show is the epitome of guilty pleasure TV. Those 'characters' as you say are certainly crazy but definitely in a good way. Yay snooki!
And try out for season 2! go to for more details if you're really serious. hee hee hee Most importantly- you HAVE to pick a nickname first. May I suggest Miss kk?? ;)

Rebecca said...

I have yet to watch the show too! It looks kinda stupid if you ask me! Follow me at - loving your blog! :)

t-bear said...

I've seen the show. i still crack up everytime they talk about a grenade.
Snooki was just at Foxwoods last friday night....wonder if we'll see her!!! she claims she invented the poof hairdo.

Andy said...

Holy crap how did you not watch this!?!?

It's all the worst attributes of the Real World, with a touch of ethnic stereotyping.

I'm just sad it's done for the season, although they will show marathons of it. Please watch it. You won't regret it (much).