Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Did you hear? Apple has a new-fangled techie gadget out there?

Of course you've heard.

Because you woke up today.

Just one more product that does everything for you. So all of those OTHER Apple products you own? Those were a waste of money! Just throw them away.

The iPad? It's going to change the universe. Turn the economy around. End the war. Keep Brad and Angie together.

iKnow it.


Laurnie said...

I dont get it. Isnt it basically just another iphone-ish thing?

Little Ms Blogger said...

Do you think it will make a delicious no calorie brownie?

NSGIRL said...

iwant it! lol But, of course I'll wait a few years for the drop in price! Maybe I'll finally get a great deal on an ipod touch since they are now obsolete! (Although if it makes brownies...I'm in NOW!)

irrefutably erin. said...

The name is horrible. It reminds me of a maxipad. Shoulda named it iAlways... with wings.

The Sorority said...

Will it clean my house? Will it leave money around so that I always have mad money? Also - this happens just after our iPod died and we bought a new one. Gah!

However, if it does make LMB's no calorie brownie - I might have to reconsider!

Rebecca Watson said...

I think the ipad is sweet!

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