Friday, January 22, 2010

i couldn't tear my eyes away

The other night I saw the show "Hoarders" for the very first time.


Not only was I totally repulsed, but I started to worry that I was a hoarder! I started doubting my normalcy. Should I have that many cookbooks? Is it bad that I can't walk with all the shoes in my closet? I keep buying Vito toys without throwing any away...and I turning him into a puppy hoarder???


Tasha said...

Hilarious. KK, I swear we share a brain some days! Have a happy weekend! It's definitely ok to hoard alcohol, cookbooks, shoes, and dog toys. Oh... did you not mention alcohol?! ...maybe that's just me then. :-)

Toni said...

lol funny because it's true. I'm terrible for hoarding but the collections are justifiable - jewellery and nail varnish, a staple of any woman's house :D

Little Ms Blogger said...

Isn't it the best?

I always feel the need to clean and am reorganizing a closet to build book shelves.

Leroy said...

How many poor little kitties did they find in the disaster???

Kayla said...

I love watching that show! I just cannot fathom how people live like that..... I feel bad for them. How awful would it be for your home to look like that? Wow, so anyway, I do not think you are a hoarder unless people refrain from visiting you :-)

Kayla said...

P.S. I once watched one where the lady had 76 cats that were found INSIDE..... Only 30 of them were alive..... :-(