Tuesday, January 5, 2010

novel update

(Lori from FF, pay close attention!)

In a way, I have started my novel.

It's a memoir.

I have the storyline.

I have a title.

I've begun outlining chapters.

I've even named some of the chapters.

Progress, right?

Not to mention, I bought that cool sign to hang in my novel-writing nook at home.

(NOTE: start renovating attic for novel-writing nook.)


Little Ms Blogger said...

LOL... I think you're making wonderful progress and isn't the "note" more for Mr. KK and that's what's really stopping you?

Sounded good.

Michelle said...

Your making more progress than me, but maybe I need a sign?

Lori said...

If it's a memoir, I should hope you have the storyline! :-)

Those are very important steps! That's about where I am on book #2... and the paranormal is starting to brew around a little, too. Knowing I get to "retire" later this year and write has made me a little less motivated to actually start churning out words, though. I should kick ass at NaNoWriMo in November!