Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cooking Like Crazy

For me, the best way to spend my weekend is cooking. Couple that with cooking for other people, and you have one happy KK.

This, just happens to be one of those weekends.


Officially known as "catch up on all the TV we missed all week long" night. It was freezing out, so comfort food was the way to go.


Mini rigatonis with creamy pumpkin sauce.

That was paired with a few glasses of red wine.


We had some friends over for dinner.

The menu:

Hot artichoke dip with pita chips

NY Strip with red wine reduction sauce
Cheddar and chive twice baked potatoes
Sauteed mushrooms with red wine

Gingerbread and pumpkin trifle (served up in individual martini glasses)

For me, the night started out with a hot and dirty martini, then ended with many glasses of yummy wines from Portugal.


Today is my Grandmother's birthday, so I'm cooking her favorites for dinner with my mom.

We're making:

Mussels in white wine sauce

Calamari and shrimp in red sauce over angel hair

Cheesy garlic bread

With wine, wine and more wine.


Diet and detox!


The Sorority said...

Remind me to book a reservation into your restaurant the next time I am in town! That sounds like one delicious weekend!!!!

The One and Only Kristy J said...

this entry just made me so hungry. all of that sounds extremely delish!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I just read this at work and I'm SO hungry now.

How's the Food Network Star competition going?