Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear NaNoWriMo,

I'm going to cut right to the chase:

Please stop sending me emails.

At first, I get excited that I have a personal email, or that someone has commented on this blog.

And then, disappointment.

Disappointment when I see that the email is from YOU.

Every "pep talk" email you send me, is a constant reminder that I have failed. It's like you are stabbing me over and over and over every time I see you in my Inbox.

One, two, three emails a week. Three emails telling from authors telling their "story" of how they overcame writer's block, or found that nugget of a story buried deep within themselves, or how without guidance, blah blah blah, they would have never made it (sorry, I don't really know the details, as I don't really read these emails.)

And the worst part? These are GENERIC emails. I feel like you don't even know me. Your emails say things like, "By now you're well on your way!" and "You'll have reached the 25,000 word mark as of yesterday" and "Don't you feel so good about yourself?".

What will it take? For you to Stop. Emailing. Me.

I will fully admit that I failed. F.A.I.L.E.D. I only uploaded 1600 words. I did not reach my goal.

(I think it's funny, though, that I've written 7000 words on my blog the month of November...)

That's all.

And if I see a generic "Congratulations! You did it!" email on December 1, I seriously might come after you.

NaNoWriMo, you're on notice.



Andy said...

Hahahaha... I'm so glad I skipped the NaNoWriMo train. Everyone who is doing seems to be tortured by that decision. I think we should all create our own month...

Tasha said...

I'm sad there is no KK novel :-( Your blog is fun to read so I'm sure you can come up with a great novel. That NaNoWriMo thing sounds like WAY too much pressure!

Lori said...

I totally warned you! ;-) This is the VERY reason I didn't sign up. I f**k up enough on my own, without a computer generated writing project beating me over the head about it. BUT, 1600 words is more than you had on Halloween, so that's a victory, no?

Lori said...

PS... I have 25 posts for November! A couple are short, but many are in the 1500-2000 word range. My sister keeps telling me my novel is "in there," but WHERE????? How do I find it??? And how do I make someone see it and beg to publish it???

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That's too bad that you didn't finish. But who cares that you didn't do it in a month. You will finish it someday and that's all that really matters.

Deadlines suck when writing anyways.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I just came across this and thought you' be interested in trying this...


You commit to writing a daily blog post. Not as overwhelming as NaNoWriMo