Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Days From Now I'll Be Elbow Deep In Turkey Grease

In our families, Thanksgiving is usually the holiday that goes unclaimed (unlike Christmas Eve, which has people throwing their hats in the ring starting in September. This year, my mother invited everyone over in August.)

(I’m not kidding.)

So for the last few years, we’ve taken Thanksgiving.

I’m not a huge fan of turkey. I will eat two very small pieces, then fill up on all of the side dishes that grace the table. But I love to cook, so I’m happy inviting everyone over and feeding them a feast.

Last year we hosted 18 people, which bordered on the crazy side.

This year, we will be a modest 11 peeps.

Because of this, we can all sit at the adult table. I only have to make one casserole of each side dish instead of two. People do not have to eat in the living room.

Even though the crew will be drastically smaller this year, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

My dad was sweet enough to offer up his services.

DAD: “Are you off on Wednesday?”

“I’m ‘working from home’.” (insert air quotes)

“Well, I’m off too, so let me know if you need help.”

Hmm. “Really?”

DAD: “Sure. If you need me to run errands or something…”

ME: “My house needs to be cleaned…”

DAD: ((silence))

Thanks, Dad.

That being said, I’m going to be a busy girl the next 48 hours.

So, for year 3 of Thanksgiving at KK's house, I thought I'd share the menu.

(drumroll, please…)



Roasted figs stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped with prosciutto, drizzled with honey
Cheese (Baked brie? Goat cheese? I haven’t decided yet)
Veggies and dip (with dip served in hallowed out gourd, of course)

First Course:

Butternut squash and sage bisque

Main Course:

Turkey (the breast only, we’re bunch of white-meat lovers)
Cornbread, sausage and apple stuffing
Sweet potatoes (Aunt Carole’s famous for them!)
Mom’s mashed potatoes
Roasted fennel, onions and shallots
Sauteed swiss chard
Homemade cranberry sauce
Delicious (steaming hot) gravy


Warm and toasty chestnuts


Pumpkin cheesecake
Chocolate cream pie
Lemon pie


Pinot Noir



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Little Ms Blogger said...

I've hosted over the past 12 years (as soon as I got my own home). I ask people to bring items, so I do not go overboard (which I was famous for doing in the past).

I enjoy the holiday and am cleaning today.

I'm a tad quirky with the menu and because most items are beige in color, I always serve something green and orange.

Good luck and I hope you get some help...

Lori said...

Now? I am clinically depressed. NOT a holiday person and NOT a cook, only hubby and me for t-day. The menu?
Appetizers: None
Frozen butterball turkey (9#)
Frozen steam-in-bag green beans (for him)
Frozen steam-in-bag peas (for me)
Canned sweet potatoes in syrup (for me)
Frozen egg noodles
Frozen dinner rolls
Frozen pumpkin pie with Cool Whip
My only ALMOST cooked thing is stuffing, with seasoned pre-bought bread crumbs, to which I will add broth, butter, more seasoning, giblets, diced green pepper and water chestnuts.
I wanna come to your house!

Lori said...

Whoops, forgot the instant potato flakes and three jars of turkey gravy. I like gravy. :-)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Um. Will you make that 12 guests? I want to come to your house!

The Kale Patch said...

Wow. You just made me feel sad about my thanksgiving. Your food sounds so good that, not only is my mouth watering, I am no longer excited about my menu. You had better win that Food Network Deal so I can learn how to cook a feast like yours!

Kelly said...

Butternut squash and sage bisque?? YUM.

I'll trade you my butternut squash soup recipe for your butternut squash soup recipe :)