Friday, November 7, 2008

Help Me Not Look Like A Loser

Well, that might be a tall order, considering you didn't have anything to do with my actual video.

But, because I enjoy putting myself out there for hard-to-accomplish projects (can you say NaNoWriMo?), I'd like to share my latest act of insanity with you.

I've applied to be on The Next Food Network Star!

What are the chances that this little girl from Connecticut with no professional culinary training will make it? Who knows. But it was fun and, as usual, I'm hopeful!

So how can you help me not look like a loser?

You can view my video on the food network website so I can rack up some views!
(The video is just under 3 minutes. I know that's a lot to ask. But I'm making yummy risotto!)

And if you're feeling extra generous, you can even leave a comment! Like, "Wow, risotto never looked so easy!" or "I thought I was watching a TV show!" or "Give this girl a contract!".

(Or feel free to write something brilliant and complimentary on your own.)

How will you find me?

(I can't find a direct link...sorry for all the clicking!)

Click here.

Then click "most recent" above the videos.

I'm on page 2 (I think). My video looks like this:

Goofy, I know.

Wish me luck!


Dee said...

YEAH you!!! I just watched your video and think you look like a natural. Hope it works out for you.

Andy said...

So what made you want to apply? I'd apply myself, but evidently they aren't in the market for "Guy who makes cereal, rice, and grilled cheese sandwiches"

Katrina said...

Looks good! I posted a comment! I love that show, and it "know" on it! =) Good luck!

Little Ms Blogger said...

How awesome! Does voting help your chances ( there anything we can do to get you on the show?)

kk said...

I don't think you can do anything now.

In the miracle situation that I get on the show (ha!), then voting totally counts!

thanks for checking it out!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm headed over to view it and leave a comment right now! My roommate keeps mentioning that I should enter one of these seasons, but I need a little more practice.

Good luck!

Little Ms Blogger said...

kk - When you get on the show, please make sure that you know how to filet a fish and the parts of a squid. Don't be like that girl last season that tore apart the squid. It was a shame.

Kelly said...

great video! love your pans :)
good luck!!

merely me said...

Bravo on going for it - good luck! I posted a comment there...
(you were on page four for me-thanks for the photo)