Friday, November 14, 2008

When TV Execs Make Bad Decisions

I heard last night that Lipstick Jungle is getting the ax. Now, I’m not a fan of Lipstick Jungle (in fact, I’ve never even seen an episode).

Side note: Brooke Shields, you bug me. I’m sorry, but you do. You’re just so tall, and you’re always over-acting and you’re just so…tall. And your commercials for Volkswagen? Where you appear like a cult leader, talking about people having babies to get a bigger car? You’re not winning points with me with those, either.

I’m not sad over NBC’s decision, I’m pissed off.

Last year, two similar show premiered on television: Cashmere Mafia (awesome!) and Lipstick Jungle (whatever). Both of these shows were rivals to attempt to fill the void that Sex And The City had left in so many of us. Each show featured 30-something career women (I don’t know about you, but they seemed WAY farther along in their career and wealth than the thirtysomethings that I know, Yours Truly included) who above and beyond everything else – lunatic bosses, cheating husbands, whiny kids – were best friends.

What did Cashmere Mafia have that Lipstick Jungle didn't? Well, Lucy Liu for starters. (I'm sorry, but she's just so damned cute!) And a heterosexual party girl-turned lesbian-turned back to heterosexual party girl. And a redheaded ice queen. And lots of martinis!

When last year’s TV season ended, it became “may the best 30-something-melodrama win!”.

Lipstick Jungle won.

Cashmere Mafia (With better women! And a hot “manny”!) did not.

So after only like 6 episodes, Cashmere Mafia went off the air. I never tuned into Lipstick Jungle this year. On principal, I wouldn’t watch it. (Sorry, Brooke, you totally ruined the show for me before it started.)

NOW, they are canceling Lipstick Jungle.

Perhaps you are rethinking your decision, executives?

Are you kinda wondering that maybe you made a mistake? Wish you could go back and undo things? Get down on your knees and beg forgiveness?

Hey, Cashmere Mafia, don’t be too proud! If they ask you to come back, DO IT!


Little Ms Blogger said...

Okay, I'm a bit sad. I do watch Lipstick Jungle.

I also wonder what CBS did with Swingtown? I caught a marathon on Bravo and am hooked.

Andy said...

Maybe they can merge the shows into one big Lipstick Cashmere. It might morph into a better show. Brooke Shields and Lucy Liu could have a love child, a tall Asian woman who over and under acts. No?

The Sorority said...

I have watched 1 episode of this show and all 3 of the women bugged me - so I quit. Brooke bugged me a little but that Lindsay person who used to be on the original 90210 (married Steve Sanders) REALLY bugged me.

Am with you though - Love the Liu!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I totally agree. I watched Cashmere Mafia too. I can't say that I fell in love, but it was definitely better than Lipstick Jungle. I always saw Lipstick Jungle as the wanna-be Cashmere Mafia.

And the VW commercials - CAN NOT STAND THEM.

Tipsy said...

YAY, someone else that thinks Brooke Shields is annoying. I've only watched 15 minutes of this show because I can't stand to watch Brooke Shields for too long.

Never got to watch Cashmere Mafia. It was axed before I got a chance.