Monday, November 3, 2008

Or, Perhaps, I’m A Masochist

In a moment of weakness I signed up for NaNoWriMo.

That means, that I have agreed to (try and) write a novel in a month. At the end of the November I will hopefully have 50,000 words (!!!) written.

I’m not quite sure why I did this. Perhaps it’s because I am still mourning my 150-page novel that I lost during the Great Computer Debacle Of 2008.

If my mother knew about this, she’d say to me: “You’re a glutton for punishment.”

Either way, I’m two full days in and I’ve written ZERO words. I’m already behind.

The clock is ticking.

Wish me luck.

On my mark. Get set. Write!


Lori said...

OK. That's 1600-1700 words a DAY. Many of my blogs, especially early on, were 2000 words... and I posted almost every day... so I guess it's do-able. But when I was doing that, I sure as heck wasn't getting much else done. Like working. Or housework... but I don't do much housework anyway. Good luck!!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I signed up for the challenge on NaNo and I think I may just as crazy.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Good luck! I know you can do it! You had so much before, I'm sure you can pull more great ideas out!