Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dirty Is Delicious!

If you read this blog, you know that I love me a martini.

I had posted about a week ago about this awesome martini I had, a Hot & Dirty Martini.

Eric over at Dirty Sue was kind enough to feed my vodka-soaked obsession and send me some super yummy Dirty Sue Dirty Martini Mix.

All I can say is: YUM!

If you're a dirty martini lover, you MUST check them out. If you've never had a dirty martini, you MUST try one. (Unless you don't like olives. But what crazy person doesn't like olives???)

Thanks, Eric!


Andy said...

Crap. I don't like olives. Where's my straight jacket?

Little Ms Blogger said...

Funny thing....just discovered Dirty Sue and have been telling friends about them.

Of course, I just send the link and they could be thinking I'm sending them porn spam...Hmmmm....I'll have to ask if they actually checked it out.

merely me said...

So...I go all over town looking for this stuff. Can't find it anywhere. I call D.S and I actually talked to Eric - he told me where to get it.
My husband is on the way home from work and I told him to buy two bottles! Yahoo! I can hardly wait for him to come home - wink wink!!!
If I like it I can push it really well at our local grocery store. I usually push wine so this will be fun!
Wow - CT to Dirty Sue - what is the connection please???