Tuesday, November 8, 2011

betty ford is probably laughing her ass off at me

On Sunday afternoon, I was still piecing together the events from Friday night.

It seems, that somewhere between the first double IPA, and the second glass of wine, I agreed to run a 10K.

KK: "OMG. A 10K? That's like...I don't...how many miles is that?"

Again, math - not my strong suit.

MR. KK: "6 miles." And then he laughed a little. At me.

KK: "Well, that's just fabulous. I haven't run as far as the mailbox since September, and I'm supposed to just put my sneakers on and run 6 whole miles???"

MR. KK: "It's not until June. You can do it."

KK: "Why don't you run with me?"


I thought so.

I really shouldn't be drinking unsupervised.

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traceybear said...

i'll take a stab at it! i'm doing the 5K hopefully in december! maybe after taht i'll decide if 10K is up my alley....