Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i'd make the boy scouts proud

First, I would like to let out a big woo-fucking-hoo! that my 5-day weekend has officially started!

And, being a creature of habit like my friend the annoying woodpecker, I have certain things that I do, at certain times, on certain days, each and every Thanksgiving weekend.

I always take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off from work. I don't care that we get out at 3pm. By the time I sit in traffic, I still get home at 5. And that, to me, is a wasted day.

Instead, I get up at 6:30am and head to the grocery store to do my Thanksgiving shopping! With my detailed list! Before all the crazies get up!

Then I come home and cook ALL DAY LONG. And then Mr. KK comes home and clean ALL NIGHT LONG.

Sounds like fun, right? To those that are sick and perverted, it is. I love the cooking part. Mr. KK loves the cleaning part. It's why we're a match made in heaven.

But this year, we're breaking tradition.

I heard that the northeast - Connecticut, in particular - is going to be hit with torrential rains on Wednesday morning from 5am - 9am. How this could be is beyond me. Doesn't Mother Nature know this is my prime holiday grocery shopping time? Doesn't she care?

Apparently not.

So, in what could only be described as a gutsy move for a Type A personality, I did my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving on Monday night after work.

I know, I know. It was an adjustment for me, too.

In fact, I didn't even have my list with me! Mr. KK had to bring it to work and scan it in and email it to me! (There are so many items he would STILL be reading it to me over the phone!)

But, with this last-minute extra preparedness, I made the right decision.

And Mr. KK even surprised me at the grocery store to help out. And he only asked me "What's this for?" twice. A new record for him.

Check out that organized cart!

PS: that totally doesn't look like enough food to feed 14 people!

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