Thursday, November 3, 2011

on the cusp of millionaire-dom

I'm lucky to live in a lottery-lovin' state. And being the gambling woman that I am, I love to play the lottery.

And, sad as it is to admit, deep down, I actually think that I'm going to win one day.

Last night I stopped for gas on my way home. Remembering that Powerball was $254 million smackaroos, and seeing that I had two singles in my wallet (a miracle in itself), I ran inside the convenience store.

Behind the counter was a crotchety old man, who looked like he hadn't smiled in 23 years.

KK: "Two Powerball quick picks, please." I lay my dollars on the counter.

GRUMPY OLD MAN: "Hmph. Before I throw this lottery machine right out the window!"

KK: "Oh no! Is the machine acting up?" This was a logical question, since I assumed more people than normal were buying lottery tickets, hoping to strike it rich.

G.O.M.: "No, it's not. But I'm busy, I don't have time for the lottery!" I believe he actually snarled at me.

KK: "Oh, well, um..."

G.O.M.: "I'm very busy here, I have lots of things to do. 'The lottery's not one of them. Ma'am." Okay, now he crossed the line. I don't look a day over 'Young Lady'.

I'm surprised he didn't finish me off with a 'Now git on outta here!', though he might as well have.

Now, I was in a pretty good mood going into that store. I was about to buy my ticket to freedom. But now, I encounter Cranky Pants. I listen to people ALL DAY who hate their jobs. I certainly don't want to deal with them after hours, too. I mean, running the lottery machine! Talk about a grueling task. Guess what, dude? I did that job in high school. And I lived to tell about it!

I woke up this morning to find out that the winning lottery ticket was SOLD IN CONNECTICUT. The winning ticket was sold. in. my. state.

Holy Hannah! I actually may be a millionaire!

Sadly, I'm not. So you will see me back here tomorrow, same desk, same wit.

Over and out!

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DeliaDee said...

I live in RI, on the CT border actually. I almost bought a ticket in CT a couple days ago. I keep kicking myself for not...that ticket could have been mine! LOL I feel your pain!