Sunday, November 27, 2011

this blog isn't called 'will work for shoes' for nothing

As much as I love a good deal, I'm not the kind of person to cash in on discounts and freebies from friends. It just makes me feel all weird inside.

In my current job, I have a client who happens to be a semi-well-known shoe company. (not that I'm bragging)

And they get a ridiculous discount on a large variety of shoes.

They also have what they call 'sample sales', where they sell off the sample shoes for like $5. Have I mentioned that I'm a sample size 6? This means that when they have a sample shoe that they've photographed for an ad or for the web and they can't sell it, it's my EXACT size. So they have pairs upon pairs of these samples shoes that don't know what to do with. (Back when I worked at Filene's before it was gobbled up by Macy's, I would go to all of the shoe sample sales. Actually, I eventually finagled my way in so that I got to pre-shop the sample sales, before all the women would come down who were actually a 6.5 or a 7, but would shove their fat feet into my shoes and stretch them out and buy them, only to leave the shoes at the back of their closet and never wear them because they were too small.)
((This also explains my penchant for pretty shoes.))

Now, I recently placed a super sweet girl at this company who starts tomorrow, and who has promised me that she'll bring me to her sample sales and friends and family discount days.

Until then, I did something I never do - I asked for a discount.

Actually, I asked a coworker who is closer to our client than I am, to see if they had a certain boot. It was a boot I had seen on sale for $90. Sure, I could have bitten the bullet, but the fact that I work so hard for this company day in and day out was eating away at me.

My coworker asked, and what do you know, the boot was available, and our client purchased it with her discount.

So for half the price of what I saw them on sale for, these beauties will be arriving at work in the next week:


I can't wait to put them on!

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Leslie said...

oooooo I am SO jealous! Those boots are fantastic!! And of the samples of course!