Sunday, November 13, 2011

reason #234 why I can't be left unsupervised

Admittedly, after beginning my new job last year, I curbed my spending a bit to make up for the difference in my salary.

Basically, I stopped buying so many pairs of shoes.

((moment of silence))

Instead of weekly outings to buy new things, I've been saving up and making my trips more worthwhile.

In what I can only describe as a whirlwind trip to the outlets, I did some major damage in the Banana Republic outlet for both myself and Mr. KK.

Between my 30% off coupon, and extra $30 off (pretty much my thank you for spending WAY too much money on their credit card), I came home with some fabulous stuff.

Here's what I got, all for $250:

- 3 pair of jeans (two for me, one for Mr. KK)
- 3 sweaters for Mr. KK
- 1 ribbon trimmed cardigan (NOT for Mr. KK)
- 1 v-neck sweater for me
- 2 silk blouses
- 1 silk t-shirt
- 1 soft fleece sweatshirt

I was pretty proud.

Even more proud that I was able to find my will power and walk right by the Kate Spade store without stopping in. I saw the felt shoppers and bright orange handbags. But somehow, I found my strength deep inside of me and walked

(I still love you, Kate!)

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