Sunday, November 20, 2011

a type A thanksgiving

There's nothing I love more than hosting a get together.

I love putting together menus, decorating the house, preparing all of the yummy food, and mixing up cocktails and seeing family and friends mingling in my house.

Thanksgiving is NO different.

We've always hosted Thanksgiving - ever since we were married. Last year we had to forfeit, as we were in the middle of selling our house, and all of our serving dishes and extra flatware were packed away.

But now that we're settled in the new digs, we're ready.

I took Wednesday off to give myself ample time for preparations.

Today, I made my grocery lists. Yes, lists. Plural.

First, I make the menu list, that breaks the ingredients out by dish.

Then for my second list, I transfer all of the item from the first list onto the grocery store list. In this list, the items are rearranged in the order that I will shop them in the store. All of my fruits and vegetables appear first, followed by dry goods, then by dairy, and finally by frozen foods.

It's a science really.

So as we enter Thanksgiving week, I thought I would share with you the KK's menu.
(I will spare you the ridiculous grocery list, and telling you about how I arrange the items on the belt at check out in the order in which I'd like them bagged.)
((I have issues.))
(((I know.)))

KK Thanksgiving Menu

parmesan thyme crackers
stuffed mushrooms
veggies and dip

Main meal:
corn chowder
sausage and cornbread stuffing
citrus cranberry sauce
sour cream mashed potatoes
butternut squash mash
artichoke and mushroom casserole
sauteed brussels sprout hash with crispy pancetta


pumpkin pie
pumpkin cheesecake
pecan pie

See you around 1pm?

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FunnyGal KAT said...

You stole my thought... I was going to ask what time you want my family to arrive. Your menu sounds delicious! If you don't have room for us, I'm even willing to show up the next day for leftovers!