Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bitch slaps and pumpkin bowls

I don't normally post about my job, but today was an extraordinarily shitty day.

I will not go into details, because you NEVER should write about your job on your blog, unless you want the world to read about it, and tell on you. (ever read the blog dooce? if you haven't, do it. she's insanely witty and real, and you'll want to to invite her for a drink. weekly.)

That being said, let's just say I spoke to SOMEONE on the phone today who had a tone that rhymed with ITCHY for what I have to say is NO REASON AT ALL BESIDES THE FACT THAT IT MADE THEM FEEL BETTER.

So to make MYSELF feel better, I bought these:

I love, love, love them! Every year we host Thanksgiving, and each year I make a different soup. It's kind of my thing. In fact, as I write this, I'm researching what soup I'm going to wow the crowd with this year (any suggestions? email me!)

The first year I made a pumpkin soup, I bought 16 little gourds that Mr. KK hollowed out so that we could serve the soup in them. It was one of my most Martha Stewart-esque moments to date, and I felt fabulous! (Mr. KK, on the other hand, felt a little less fabulous about the gourd bowls, as he practically suffered carpal tunnel with all of the cutting and scooping he had to do.)

Each year I see these bowls, and want them. And every year, I don't buy them.

Except today! And they should be here next Wednesday, just in time for a quick washing and setting on the table. I even bought the big tureen.

They're not as "whoa! that KK knows how to rock a holiday!" as pumpkin soup served in real-live pumpkins (but what is, really?), but they will totally be a conversation piece!

(and it's a good thing I have 49 cabinets to choose from when it comes to storing them for the other 364 days of the year!)

Happy Hump Day to my fellow NaNoBloMo-mers. We're halfway there!

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