Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the making of an office

You may remember that there was a bit of a lull with my blogging over the last year.

It's because we were enthralled with Renovationgate '10-'11 (it was so big, is spanned across 2 different years).

After much blood, sweat, tears and more tears, we're just about done...except for one room: the corner room.

We call this room "the office", though I refer to it as "my room", simply because it contains:

my big, beautiful Mac (whose name I have not yet decided on)
my dresser
2 closets filled with my clothes
all of my accessories
a bookshelf filled with my books
my fabulous desk and chair

The ceiling and walls are not yet painted, but I have a fabulous shade of magenta on stand-by.

And since I spend more time than anyone in this room, I've gathered a few things that make it special to me, and set the stage for a fabulous office.

Consider yourself warned.

Check out this coaster I found 2 Christmases ago in TJ Maxx. Thankfully, I didn't lose it in the move!

My inspiration - I've had these in a closet for 2 years, just waiting for the right place to hang them.
(please ignore the unpainted walls)

So far, I've felt VERY inspired for NaBlo...I love sitting in here and writing!

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