Tuesday, November 17, 2009

at least I still get carded

Last Thursday I went for a much-needed haircut. I had had to cancel my last 2 appointments because of work, so I was desperate.

My hairdresser is rather "no frills". I'm always shocked to hear what friends pay for their haircuts – some upwards of $60 and $70 – when I go for a good cut for under $25. Of course, I don't have her blow dry my hair, because I'm just going home to bed.

So I'm sitting in the chair, listening to the chit-chat around me, staring at myself in the mirror. Or should I say critiquing myself. As I was admiring my choice in eye shadow that day, and remarking that my skin looks better with wet, dark hair, something shiny in the mirror caught my eye.

What the?

What's that gleaming thing in my hair? It looks like a million glimmering pieces of thread. But I'm not wearing anything that color...OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL OF MY GREY HAIR!

It was like she parted the silver sea because in an instant my head resembled Steve Martin's.

KK: "Wow...look at all my grey hair!" I was in shock. I mean, I knew I had SOME grey hairs...I just didn't think I had sprouted an entire colony!

HAIRDRESSER: "Maybe it's time we start doing something about that!"

KK: "I don't think I can dye my hair."

I traumatize my hair enough every day drying it for 30 minutes.

HAIRDRESSER: "There's all different things you can do...permanent, semi-permanent...you take after your mom, she's really grey."

Great. Thanks, mom. First, varicose veins. Now this.

KK: "I think I'll go natural...I'm not sure dyeing is for me."

HAIRDRESSER: "It's up to you. Then you'll look like your grandmothers."


Little Ms Blogger said...

I have really dark brown hair and have found John Freida's chocolate expresso hair glaze is great - CVS sells it...you could buy it and use your revlon coupon. Try it if not ready for dye job.

Anonymous said...

It's a harsh truth, but not coloring gray hair ages someone about ten years on average. It's a whole lot cheaper and easier than plastic surgery to remove ten years, haha. That's when you have a good bit of gray though.

merelyme said...

Hilarious! I color my hair left and right when I feel like it. I have now been coloring for over a year straight. I am really ready to go back to natural...mostly sparkle with a little pepper. If people tell me to color, I usually don't, and if they tell me not to, I do. I usually try to do what pisses the most people off. ;)

Stereos and Souffles said...

I just plucked about 8 last night from my head. Ugh.

tracey said...

your greys aren't apparent....i'd hold off a while until you start noticing them everyday in your rearview mirror while you're driving to work. the greys are resistant little buggers too who just don't want to be colored--so it's a constant battle.
trust me, I know.

Lori said...

You know what sucks? My gray hairs are like sugar-sparkly white. Like ice crystals on tree branches. Glittery, almost. So you can't miss them. So if I can't afford to see Jolene the Hair Goddess for my lovely color and highlights, it's a $6 box of Clairol Natural Instincts (Rosewood) because I'd be about 30% gray around the front, and I'm NOT ready for that yet!

D-Nice said...

Two tid-bits of advice: 1) keep a pair of tweezers in the car - rearview mirror and moon roof are my worst enemies. 2) Root touch-up is great, just used it yesterday! lasts 3-4 weeks, doesn't smell, covers grays pretty good - but not 100%