Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i can only imagine what your apartments/houses/desks look like

Today at work we had a potluck lunch.

A few people brought in some homemade goodies (a few people signed up to bring food and then just...didn't).

I went the easy route and made a big, beautiful Greek salad. I arranged the ingredients in neat little rows (kalamata olives, pepperoncini, cucumber, tomato, red onion and feta).

After the potluck I went into the kitchen to wash out my bowl and saw THIS:

(What you can't see are the remnants from someone's chicken soup – including carrots, noodles and celery pieces – clogging the drain and stuck to the bottom of the sink)

And when they ran out of room in the sink, they started piling the mugs, glasses and bowls on the counter.

The best part of this whole scenario is that about 2 feet to the left is a dishwasher.


Cursing the slobs that I work with I open the dishwasher to discover it's full of CLEAN dishes.

So that's why the sink is full.

Being the nice (and clean) person that I am, I start emptying the clean dishes into the cabinet.

A female coworker walks in to get some coffee.

CW: "Wow, you're a better woman than I am."

Yeah, no shit.

ME: "Well, I can't wash my dishes so I'm just making room."

CW: "Now I feel like I should help you..."

I didn't quite catch the rest of her sentence, since she was walking out of the kitchen, back to her desk.

Two minutes later a male coworker comes in and stares at me doing this crazy manual labor.

CW: "We have people that do that, you know."

ME: "Unload the clean dishes?"

CW: "Yes."

ME: "Right. The cleaning people put the dirty dishes in here every night and run it. Then, in the morning, they're clean."

CW: "And then tonight they'll unload it and put the dirty dishes in."

ME: "You can't even see the sink. I can't wash my bowl."

CW: "So leave it and have them wash it. That's their job."

And being considerate is EVERYONE'S job.


Who raised these people???


Ink Obsession Designs said...

Oh my gosh...that would have made me nuts!!

Little Ms Blogger said...


What happened to the woman who said she should help and then went back to her desk? Did she come back?

'Nelley said...

Lol! Thats totally how it is at my office too. And I am sooo that woman who 'wants' to help but doesn't quite get around to it. Hell, I do the dishes @ home. I'm not about to do the damn dishes for a bunch of ingrates too.
I would MAKE room, wash and rinse my bowl, dry it and put it back in the cupboard. DONE!

Tasha said...

Your coworkers just suck. I can't stand inconsiderate nasty people. We have a sign at our breakroom sink that says "Your mama doesn't work here, clean up your own mess". (I didn't put it up there, promise!) You guys need a sign too. ;-)

Stereos and Souffles said...


Tipsy Nikki said...

The cleaning crew does the dishes? Really?! Whatever happened to taking responsibility for yourself?

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