Friday, November 20, 2009

On holiday shopping, crazy-ass dreams and a Best Buy tale

Happy Friday, everyone!

It has been one of those weeks, so I'm happy to have the weekend on the horizon.

I'm proud to report that I have officially bought my first Christmas present! Actually, THREE presents! I feel so accomplished.

As hard as I tried to stay awake and watch the Project Runway finale, I couldn't do it (NOTE: please do not give anything away! I'm hoping to watch it tonight!). And, while in said slumber, my mind was working overtime.

We woke up this morning and Mr. KK had the same kind of night.

MR. KK: "I had the weirdest dreams last night."

KK: "OMG, ME TOO! Did your dreams involve my old college roommates that I haven't seen in 13 years that for some reason no longer want to talk to me, D and T? Were you heading back to college after a summer off, but you were your present age, and they all were there, wearing really fashionable dresses – which was totally out of character, btw – and they hugged you but you could feel a little resistance? And you were in our senior housing – but it wasn't REALLY our senior housing, because it was actually nice – and they were on their Blackberries while you tried to make nice and they ignored you???"

MR.KK: "Um, nope. I dreamed I got fired."


One last thing – and I have to keep it brief because I PROMISED Mr. KK that I wouldn't make fun of my mother's lack of technical knowledge (even though it would make a really funny blog post, but a promise is a promise...(until people forget you made a promise to them...)).

My parents bought a new digital camera. And by new, I mean their first. So my mother has a zillion questions, it takes her 3 full minutes to take a photo and she's so excited to have a camera, that whenever I go to take a picture – on our Newport trip, in Boston, during Sunday dinner – she has to whip out her camera and take the SAME EXACT PHOTO.

I tried explaining to her that only ONE of us needs to take the photo; that's the beauty of the digital world. We can share photos. She still does it.

So, now she's taken all of these photos and she wants to take them off of her camera. So I tell my parents to download the camera software to the computer and it should be pretty self-explanatory. It's not.

I go over to help, and for some reason, the computer isn't recognizing the camera. I tell my mother to take the laptop to Best Buy – where she bought the camera – and have them show her how to take the pictures off the camera. THAT way, they'll teach her and I won't have to spend multiple Saturdays sitting in front of the computer with her saying, "Now, can you show me again?" and "Where do the photos go?"

I believe, the trip went something like this:

MOM: "Hi. I bought a camera and can't get the pictures off of it. I brought my laptop, can you help me figure it out?"

BEST BUY GUY takes one look at their ANCIENT laptop and bursts out laughing. Then points and laughs at the dinosaur on the table in front of him. Then, gets his blue-shirt-wearing buddy to come over and join in the laughter.

BBG: "It's because your computer is so darn OLD."

(When Mr. KK forgets my promise, I'll retell the conversation between me and my Mom about getting a new computer)


Lori said...

I have bought **100%** of my Christmas presents. Which is ZERO. I have bought zero of the zero gifts I will be buying, which is 100%. Or 0%. Either way, I'm done! ;-)

ChristyLove said...

I stinkin' love your blog. I read it before people I actally know when I'm having a bad day. LITERALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD.