Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 8 of NaBlo: home sweet home

(First off, I'm posting while watching The Amazing Race, and I have to say, the dudes have to stop crying like little bitches)

We had a great weekend in Boston! The weather couldn't have been better – sunny and cool, but warm enough to walk around the city I love so much.

We must've walked a zillion miles, eaten a trillion calories and saw a million rats. Yes, rats. Last night when we were walking Vito on the Common, he was this close to catching one. That's all I needed, an emergency trip to the vet hospital. We narrowly escaped one rat, when we were leaving and ran into two more, just hanging out not two feet away under a bush. And the rats in Boston? Are the size of squirrels.

It was our first time taking Vito to a hotel. And I have to say, next time he's staying home. It's not that he misbehaved, but we just felt so guilty every time we left the room. We'd have to run down the hall and hideout, listening, before we got on the elevator. We'd hear Vito cry and scratch at the door, then start howling and asking, "Where aaaaaare you guys? Come baaaaaack!" It was heartbreaking.

The good news was that we had a room at the end of the hall, away from every other room on the floor. The bad news was that we were near the ice machine, and for some reason – both nights – someone felt the need to fill their ice bucket at 2:38am. Which of course triggered Vito to bark. Which of course woke me up. Which of course called for me begging and pleading with Vito – and offering him everything from a Tbone to an hour-long walk the next day – to stop barking.

I was hoping to find more gems shopping, but only ended up with a dress from H&M. I was too lazy to try it on, so hopefully if fits. Usually everything from H&M runs small on me, mostly because their clothes are made to fit pre-pubescent Swedes. It's a great dress, though, so my fingers are crossed.

I've got more laundry to do than Kate Gosselin's nanny, and a crazy week coming up.

But I'm happy to say that even while on vacation, I didn't break NaBloPoMo even once.

I'm totally dedicated to you guys.


Little Ms Blogger said...

I thought the same thing with the 2 brothers crying in the Amazing Race.

Glad to hear you had a fun trip. When do you get the results of your last visit?

FunnyGal KAT said...

I was in Boston this weekend too! (which is why I wasn't checking your blog and just realized you were there too...)

I didn't see any rats (unless I just thought they were squirrels?) And we walked by H&M, but the PH was smart enough to not let me go in. We also hit up the North End, walked down to Mike's Pastry and spent about 15 minutes crunched inside before finding out they only take cash.

I'm already counting down to when we can go back. Hope you had a great trip!

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