Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How far is "too far" when it comes to Facebook?

A "friend" of mine (I hesitate to use that word, as she was only a classmate and we haven't talked since 12th grade science class) just posted this status:

"I'm in love with my anesthesiologist! I hope the baby comes soon!"


I think so.


Miss Rosa said...

Leaves you wondering if the anesthesiologist is the baby daddy? Hmm.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Makes you wonder if he knocked her out before he knocked her up?

Lori said...

I'm totally TMI on Facebook, all the time. ;-)

Tasha said...

Definitely TMI. People always give TMI on there- I do not care about any sort of bathroom issues, the diaper issues of their babies, or any child birth related issues. Why can't they just post the pics of mom & baby looking all cute & happy and leave out the rest?!

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