Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 15: It's hump day for NaBloPoMo

Wow...I'm halfway there!

You sick of me yet?

Aside from my cousin's daughters baptism today (where we're treated like outcasts by his wife's family), it was a pretty low-key weekend.

I think the highlight from today was when I was ironing a paper towel on our hardwood floors to try and remove all the wax that my mother-in-law accidentally spilled there. Two months ago.

It was even more hilarious watching me iron practically upside-down to get the wax off of the cabinet door.

And I've been doing everything possible to procrastinate doing work, including vacuuming the entire house (and not just a half-assed job, I used the tools).

So I must be desperate.

And now, I'm putting off work by making a yummy pot of bolognese sauce, enjoying a glass of wine and posting on my blog.

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GlitterFactory said...

I think every month should be NaBloPoMo! Love reading you every day :)