Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rant & Rave Wednesday, kk-style

Little Ms. Blogger posts "Rant and Rave Wednesdays" weekly, and I'm hopping on the R&R band wagon this week.

Here goes...

RAVE: You know what this Friday is? It's my 5-year appointment with my oncologist in Boston! Fingers-crossed for a clean bill of health!

RANT: Clients who think they're copywriters. Or art directors. Or both.

RAVE: Did I mention I'm going to Boston this weekend?

RANT: Traffic for no reason. Sunny, cloudless sky and no accidents should NOT equal an hour commute.

RAVE: We've had Halloween candy in the house for over a month, and I have managed to eat zero pieces of Halloween candy.

RANT: Driving home in the dark every night. I feel like I work the graveyard shift.

RAVE: Some of my pants are a WEE bit baggy on me. (I'm not getting too excited, I'm headed towards a weekend of eating my way through a city...)

RAVE: Yay, me! I'm 4 for 4 on NaBloPoMo!

RAVE: Had a lunchtime mani today.

RAVE: Did I mention I'm going to Boston this weekend? 36 hours shy of being cancer-free, kids!

Hey, this was fun! And I'm happy to see I have more Raves than Rants!


Little Ms Blogger said...

I totally can relate to the 5 year cancer checkup. I will only send good thoughts your way.

Unfortunately, I've eaten too much candy and it will officially be leaving my house with hubby tomorrow.

Have fun in Boston - wish I was going. :-)

Miss Rosa said...

Dude! 5 years? Congrats. I just had my 3 year!

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