Thursday, November 5, 2009

Because apparently I look like a clown-faced hooker

I went to CVS during lunch today. I wanted to get a card for my doctor for my last appointment tomorrow. It sounds kind of cheesy, but she did so much for me, and after tomorrow, I'll probably (hopefully) never see her again.

I didn't see any cards that said "I'm going to miss being molested by you at my checkups...these were a great 5 years. Oh, and thanks for saving my life! Your BF, kk."

After going back and forth between a "Good-bye" card and a "Thank You" card, I settled on a very simple "Thank You" card that was blank inside.

(Also, I've already instructed Mr. KK that he is to take a photo of me and Dr. F, as well as one of me giving a big "see ya!" salute in front of Dana Farber Cancer Center.)

So after the card aisle, I start to wander around CVS a bit. Which in itself, could be deadly. It's near the top of my list of stores I can't spend under $10 in – second only to Target.

I beeline to the cosmetics section (where did you think I'd go? Vitamins?) and pick up a few new eye shadows, which are 'Buy 1, Get 1 Free'.

As I'm finishing checking out, the register makes that special "BEEP BEEP BEEP" sound it makes when you're about to receive ExtraCare Card coupons.

I LOVE coupons! I also LOVE to shop with coupons and leave them in my wallet and forget to use them.

CASHIER: "Oh, and here's a coupon for Revlon!"

ME: "Oh, great!"

CASHIER: "Yes, I can see you like wearing makeup, so this should come in handy."



Little Ms Blogger said...

LOL. I'm sorry that is really funny.

Congrats again on the visit and Day 5.

Lori said...

But. Best part of the whole story is the "bye-bye cancer center" part. Sounds like you found a great doctor and great care, and I'm really glad or I'd never have "cyber-met" you. And that would suck, even though I wouldn't know it, but I still think I'd be a little bit sad inside and not know why.

Swishy said...

Oooooh, so bitchy!!! On the plus side, coupon and buy one, get one ... my idea of a little slice of heaven :)

And very super sweet of you to get a card.