Wednesday, November 11, 2009

patrick swayze, this one's for you

Unless you live under a rock or in the 1800s, you remember the pottery wheel scene in the movie Ghost, when a young Demi Moore (who totally rocked the short-hair look, btw) couldn't sleep, so she was up crafting something on her pottery wheel (I mean, who hasn't?). And then, Patrick Swayze appears, sits his pretty ass down behind her, and they start molding clay together (wink, wink – if you catch my drift).

So, that's totally going to me this weekend.

Minus the clay-molding part.

Minus getting dirty.

Minus Patrick Swayze.

But if you add in my mother, my mother-in-law, a bottle of wine and a "paint your own pottery" day of fun, then my Saturday and that box office hit are pretty much interchangeable.

Both mothers spent their time growing up taking ceramics classes. And boy do we have the tchotchkes to prove it! Lighted ceramic trees at Christmas time, painted bunnies missing an ear for Easter, and even our baby banks that they're holding on to "just in case" (does a hand-painted baby bank's value increase with age? Because if so, these things are going to be worth a fortune!)

So as a Mother's Day gift this past May (yes, 6 months ago) I presented both Moms with a faux gift certificate for a day of painting pottery with Yours Truly. And this Saturday, we are cashing that in.

The place is in a nearby town and pretty cool, you can bring food and – most importantly – wine. Because everyone knows you paint WAY better with a buzz.

So warm up the wheel and dust off the paint brushes, KK's going to paint the town red.

Well, sort of.

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Little Ms Blogger said...

Those places are a lot of fun especially with food and wine.

I have to admit, your analogy from the movie Ghost to paint-your-own-pottery with both mothers was dead on (no pun intended). LOL.

Hope your day has gotten better.